Georgia 6 Could Come Down to All But A Coin Toss

Data points to a near-photo-finish for Jon Ossoff (D) and Karen Handel (R) in the Georgia 06 special election. They have almost equal odds of victory.

Democrats are Voting Much More than Last Time Around

But will these repeated Democratic waves turn into a Democratic tide?

Polls and Approval Ratings Forecast a Tory Win, But Error Could Be Large

Polls and approval ratings give a 70 to 95 percent chance of a Tory win on Thursday, but a hung parliament is a real possibility.

Labour Usually Falls Short Of Its Polling Average

Past Polling data shows that there is reason to be skeptical of Labour scoring a huge upset victory. But it's still possible.

Montana Election Bolsters Predictions of a Large "Democratic Wave"

Democrats performed better than expected in Montana's special election Thursday, suggesting a large "Democratic wave" is coming.