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Eleven Speical Elections in New York Tonight

Eleven Speical Elections in New York Tonight

New York Special Elections

There are eleven special elections in New York on Tuesday night, the voting history of which can be found below.

The average swing in a legislative special election since 2016 is 14 points left from the Hillary Clinton’s margin in the district.

April 24, 2018 Special Elections in New York
Vote Margin (%)
Seat (in NY Lege.) Party Clinton Obama
SD32 D 88 94
SD37 D 21 9
HD05 R -24 -4
HD10 R 7 3
HD17 R -19 -7
HD39 D 66 71
HD74 D 74 66
HD80 D 66 69
HD102 R -23 -6
HD107 R -4 8
HD142 D -6 10

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