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Active Projects

Election Forecasts

2017 United Kingdom General Election Poll Tracker (and More)

Theresa May’s Conservative Party is headed for a near-historic win in the UK’s snap election. Here’s what the polls say about June’s big contest, and what I’m writing about it.

2017 Germany Federal Election Forecast

Angela Merkel is up for reelection to her seat at the head of Germany’s Bundestag, and it’s not forecast to be an easy one. Will the Social Democrats rise to an upset victory? Here’s what the math behind polls say.


Trump Approval Rating Tracker

What does data tell us when we continuously average President Trump’s approval rating polls, “correcting” for partisan bias and giving more stock to the most recent polls? Learn more here!

Historical Approval Ratings Tracker

Has the Presidency become a more controversial institution? Find out where Donald Trump stacks up with past Presidents.

Mapping Historical Partisan Shifts

America has gotten much more liberal over time — but what about election-to-election differences? Map America’s elections from John Quincy Adams to Donald Trump.


2017 French Presidential Election Forecast

The 2017 French election was a contested one, with many wondering “Can what happened in America happen here?” Our look at forecasting the first and second round of the presidential race using polls.

2017 Netherlands General Election Forecast

Will Geert Wilders win power in his anti-immigrant bid for Netherlands Prime Minister? Or will the incumbent Mark Rutte hold status as the largest party in parliament? What is the role of the smaller parties?

2016 U.S. General Election Forecast

Wondering who is favored to win the 2016 US election? Here’s where we provide a data-driven perspective on the campaign cycle. Who will win—Clinton or Trump?

Forecasting the 2016 Democratic Primary (Fall 2015 - Summer 2016)

Will Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton for the 2016 democratic baton? Find out our prediction method here.

The Daily Texan 2016 Presidential Election Polls (Fall 2016) *more information available upon request

A poll of University of Texas students on

Predicting Winners at The 89th Academy Awards

In the past, Tweeters has had a pretty good idea who will win an Oscar. Will they be right again this year?

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