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The Crosstab is an election data and political statistics blog run by George Elliott Morris. The Crosstab, with its tagline being “Data in Politics” seeks to educate Americans about trends in American politics and public policy using statistical analysis and big data.

You may have stumbled upon our site during out hearty coverage of the 2016 US Presidential Election, which we forecasted with 0.7% error (nationally), but ultimately missed the final electoral college outcome, along with so many other pollsters and forecasters. Although we were wrong, our extensive use of statistical methodology to predict the outcome of the election is the epitome of what we do here.

We also provide the same methodologically sound look into Texas’ 85th Legislative Session, which you can find on the navbar.

Here at The Crosstab, our goal is to educate citizens and impact discussions about politics and political science. Whether or not you feel like we’ve done that, please leave feedback via any one of our contact methods.

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George Elliott Morris


Elliott is an undergraduate Government student at the University of Texas at Austin working on various data projects and research in American politics, the most prominent being the election forecast published on this website. Elliott has experience with many facets of political science and government, including, but not limited to, the following: legislatures, legislative analysis, survey research, statistical modeling, public opinion, and public policy analysis. I combine a traditionally liberal arts skill set with a certificate in computer science and data visualization, specifically writing programs in Python and R with knowledge of webpages written in HTML and CSS.

Elliott has both experienced and developing interests in political science, current events, and history. When he’s not writing/reading about the above, you can find him running, throwing frisbee with one of his many siblings, or eating the best food Austin, TX has to provide: tacos. The chances of that are slim, however, because he works much more than he should.

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