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Here are where all of my major projects, both present and past, are stored. Click the links to be taken to the corresponding web page!

Active Projects

Election Forecasts

  • 2018 United States Midterms Forecast Donald Trump is an historically unpopular president, yet Democrats still have a tough road to 218 House seats and 51 Senators. What’s the chance they take back congress?


  • Trump Approval Rating Tracker What does data tell us when we continuously average President Trump’s approval rating polls, “correcting” for partisan bias and giving more stock to the most recent polls? Learn more here!

  • Historical Approval Ratings Tracker Has the Presidency become a more controversial institution? Find out where Donald Trump stacks up with past Presidents.

  • Mapping Historical Partisan Shifts America has gotten much more liberal over time — but what about election-to-election differences? Map America’s elections from John Quincy Adams to Donald Trump.


More projects added here quite frequently