New! Mar. 22, 2019 » R for Political Data Science Week 12: Do Voters Still Care About The Economy?

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Hi, I’m Elliott,


a data journalist for The Economist. I specialize in political science, elections, and predictive analytics. Read on for my published writing and personal blog posts on politics and elections, data and statistics, R programming, etc. Want more? Subscribe to my weekly email on data in politics and find me on Twitter. Feel free to get in touch via email.

My work — which is broadly defined as “data journalism,” though is less a type of specific journalism and more a philosophy of reporting that necessitates hard evidence — involves a mix of number-crunching and traditional reporting. In that vein, I write many blog posts here about the techniques of data science that I use to analyze politics and other subjects. I also blog about my thoughts on politics, elections, and other subjects.

The projects page includes my resources for doing about data science with the R statistical programming language. That includes an online course with DataCamp for structured learning and an R package that provides useful functions for analyzing polls, downloading political data, and more called politicaldata. I am in the beginning stages of writing a guide on using data science tools in R to analyze politics. It complements my weekly posts on the subject.

I also do a small amount of academic political science research (most of which is continued from my undergraduate education), for which you can find links scattered about the research page. I’ve given a few talks about using data in political analysis (e.g. election forecasting, polling data) and would be happy to chat about visiting your class/workroom — just send me an email.

You can find links to my most recent writing for The Economist, blog posts, pet projects and research below. For the full list of content, follow the appropriate links in the navigation bar.

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