A Fresh Look

G. Elliott Morris

Aug. 05, 2017

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To those who visit my blog frequently, the new look of this website may confuse at first. Post images are gone, colors are a little more gray, and — first and foremost — the blog looks more like a personal blog.

Rest assured, you’re still at the same-old The Crosstab. Same author, same data, same outlook.

But why the change? A few reasons:

  1. The old setup was getting cumbersome --- creating new posts and pages required editing multiple text files each time I wanted to make something new.
  2. The old setup was slow. Like, really slow --- regenerating the website to publish new work took up to 5 minutes sometimes. That sounds like a short amount of time, but in the long run it really adds up.
  3. Interactive are much easier and quicker now. I'm able to write computer code directly into my web files, really enhancing the experience you, the reader, can get in the reading. This is both the most promising and hardest part of the redesign (features will be built up, but may take a while at first).
  4. Other technical reasons related to remote development (I can now write something from any computer --- posts on the go will be very handy now.)

Unfortunately, the transition takes time. Over the next few weeks I’ll slowly be re-adding all of the content that appeared here before, but it has to be rewritting and that takes time. In light of this, I have included some of my most recent work and beefed up the code for my 2018 House forecast and Trump approval ratings tracker – they are now fully automated, pulling in polls and spitting out numbers every few hours. (hooray!)

In the meantime you may notice some quirks in the website. Some links will be broken. Don’t fret, but if you do see something alarming,go ahead and shoot me a message via email or twitter. I’ll be sure to patch it up just as soon as I can.

Until next time, enjoy the new layout! I think it’s going to be easier on everyone.


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