On the Future of The Crosstab

A personal and professional note.

By G. Elliott Morris / August 22, 2018

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The Crosstab has been a home for all my writing and research on politics, polling, etc. for some time now. I started this blog in the latter half of my second year at The University of Texas at Austin to predict the outcomes of the 2016 Democratic primary. (Quick, do the math to figure out how old I am!) The internet pages here have served a very important purpose for my professional development and spreading relevant, data-driven political insights for many to see. Frankly, I am rather proud of what I have been able to accomplish with my blog — and let’s face it, Twitter — and I have met many journalists, analysts, and political scientists that I look up to because of these efforts. The readers I engage with daily are a bright spot in my life.

However, as I have now started full-time as data journalist for The Economist based in Washington, DC, It is time for these pages to transition to something more personal. Evolve, perhaps. Frequent readers have undoubtedly noticed a new look for the blog. I’ve coded this new design to reflect a more personal look — a showcase of sorts. This new iteration of my website is intended to serve more as a portfolio with shorter blog posts alongside my other work than a content-laden destination for weekly reading and interactive election forecasting. Now, my very august editors at the paper will want to publish that content— well, the good bits… (I’ll put the bad bits… somewhere? The trash can, probably.) The work I put up here will be shorter and less grandiose, model-based than it was before. Why? Because, frankly, I have the opportunity to do that work for millions of people now, rather than just a few tens of thousands at this URL.

The Crosstab will continue to be my personal blog where I analyze politics, dive into polling data, share my favorite political science, and help people along in learning the tools behind political analysis. Now, it will also be a forward-facing front for all of my writing for the paper, my academic research, forecasting projects, etc.

I hope you’ll join me as I continue adjusting to this new role. And even if you haven’t followed my work for long (really, even the eldest readers haven’t been around a “long” time — how long is just a few years? The 2016 election was just 652 days ago) I do wish that you’ll stay.

Now that it has been a few weeks since my last fully-fledged blog post and I’ve had a fair amount of time to adjust to my new role at the paper, I will resume a reasonably regular posting schedule here on this site. Though you will find shorter and less data-heavy pieces on politics and polling, election analysis, statistical programming etc., I hope to write with more frequency than before. You can find my blog posts below the list of my most recent published writing on the home page.

Per usual, do reach out online for anything you notice, even if just to chat. Those of you who have contacted me know I genuinely enjoy engaging with you.





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