My Course “Analyzing Polling and Election Data in R” at DataCamp!

Learn R for data science by wrangling, visualizing, and modeling political data like polls and election results

By G. Elliott Morris

On Sep. 29, 2018  in Rstats

Course summary at DataCamp:

This is an introduction to the R programming language for data science and statistical analysis. This course teaches students how to wrangle, visualize, and model data with R by applying these techniques to real-world political data like public opinion polling and election results. The tools that you’ll use in this course, from the dplyr, ggplot2, and choroplethr packages, among others, are staples of data science and can be used to analyze almost any dataset you get your hands on. Students will learn how to mutate columns and filter datasets, graph points and lines on charts, make maps, and create models to understand relationships between variables and predict the future. This course is suitable for anyone who already has downloaded R and knows the basics, like how to install packages.

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